Price List of Services

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Standard Agricultural Suitability Analysis $85.00 for one | $80.00 each for 2 or more samples submitted at the same time for the same job
test includes the following:
pH and electroconductivity (salinity)measurement – saturated extract paste nutrients/toxic elements measurement of DTPA extract for Table I elements measurement of sodicity (Sodium Adsorption Ratio)
saturation extract: nitrate, chloride, sulfate, sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, soluble phosphate and boron
estimate of soil texture and soil organic matter presence of lime determined
A written report that explains what is found and provides recommendations is provided along with the data sheet
Soil Management Report $175.00 for one | $170.00 each for multiple samples for the same project
Includes the Standard Agricultural Suitability Analysis, soil organic matter percentage, soil texture and estimate water percolation rate (California State AB 1881 requirement for Building Permits, also known as WELO)
Specific soil tests (price per sample)
Soil Organic Matter/total carbon and nitrogen $55.00
Soil texture – sand, silt and clay percentage and gravel $35.00
Water percolation rate $35.00
Estimated water percolation rate based on soil organic matter, soil texture and salinity $5.00
Total mineral analysis – EPA 3050, 30 elements $120.00
CEC (cation exchange capacity) and base saturation $45.00
Ammonium nitrogen, exchangeable $25.00
Sieve analysis $60.00
Measurement of soil organic matter by combustion (ash) $35.00
Bulk density, disturbed sample $30.00
pH, salinity and presence of lime $30.00
Growth study for herbicides, wheat and radish $120.00
Handling charge – $5.00 per sample, waived for multiple standard tests
Table I
aluminum copper nickel sulfur
arsenic iron phosphorus tin
barium lead potassium vanadium
boron lithium selenium zinc
cadmium magnesium silver
calcium manganese sodium
chromium mercury strontium
cobalt molybdenum
The nonessential, potentially toxic, elements are identified with a “Blue Square “.
The elements which have not been shown to be essential in all plants are identified with a “dark Gray Square “.
Standard plant analysis $75.00 per sample**
test includes elements in Table I plus nitrogen and chloride data interpreted by nutrient balance and elemental interactions
Standard Water Analysis $90.00 per sample
test includes
pH measurement
Salinity (electroconductivity)
elements listed in Table I
nitrate, chloride, sulfate, bicarbonate, carbonate, phosphate
adjusted SAR (sodium absorption ratio)
high salinity additional $15.00
Complete Compost Analysis: $250.00 per sample
test includes
Agricultural Soil Suitability test plus soluble ammonia, Organic Matter Evaluation including C:N ratio, Total Analysis of Heavy Metals, Bulk Density, organic matter content by LOI, Acid Insolubles (mostly sand, silt and clay), exchangeable ammonia
A written report is included with the data sheet
Solvita Analysis for maturity $70.00 per sample
Seed Germination for toxicity $60.00 per sample
MISCELLANEOUS TESTS Please call for available tests and pricing
Fertilizer testing (for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients, etc…) and Gypsum purity testing is also available.
Hourly fees $185.00 per hour
**price based on type of species. Please call for specific pricing.