Submit Samples

How to send in a sample

We have provided you with the following PDF form(s) you may view and fill out online before printing to send in. Not ready to send a form in yet, just save it to your computer and finish typing in the info at a later time. To view the PDF files you must be using Adobe Reader. If you are unable to open please send us an email requesting the PDF file. Thank you.

All forms are typeable.
For Soil Testing: soil_test_form.pdf
For Tissue Testing: tissue_test_form.pdf
For Water Testing: water_test_form.pdf
For International Submission: 1. Print the Soil Permit and include in the pouch when shipping soil.
2. Send us an email requesting a special ‘Restricted Entry Permit Number’:

How to use the International Permits: Affix the restricted entry permit to the outside of your shipment and print a copy of the soil permit to include with the permit of each shipment. Please remember to package the soil(s) securely in a watertight primary container, then also to enclose in a watertight secondary container. Clearly label each sample. For multiple samples, enclose a list of the sample descriptions.

Sample of a Soil Report! – PDF format

All analyses include interpretation of the data and recommendations. In order to download the submission forms for sending in samples you will need to install Adobe® Acrobat. If Adobe® Acrobat is already installed then just click on one of the above links, if not click on the link below to start downloading Adobe Acrobat: